Wednesday, February 09, 2005

v day

I made the best valentine in the world. It's totally awesome yet repulsive. The only thing is that you have to be ready when you first look at it because you might throw up a little bit and you probably want to make sure you don't get any vom on your little valentines day outfit or whatever.

Valentines day is retarded. So is easter. Bring back the holy trinity of december: presents presents and so drunk I can't stand, otherwise known as my birthday, christmas and New years.

There's another issue for honesty magazine: I don't care about Jesus, just give me presents. Too bad the Jews don't have better mascots and shit, seriously, a sack of gelt vs. a fucking tree with 100 presents under it.

How weird would it be if I sent out power point versions of my funny valentine to people I don't know in the real world of reality, like screetus or fern? The only thing would be that people might open it up and sue me. Seriously, it's that gross.

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