Wednesday, February 16, 2005

super hot bookstore sex

last night i dreamed that that this guy took me to this crazy bookstore that was also an aquarium and after that we had fabulous fabulous sex. i wish i could have dreams like that all the time, no bookstore that cool actually exists in real life and if it did i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be having sex in it unless i worked there or something.

then i woke up and turned on the tv and found out that alan keyes' daughter is a lesbian. that's hilarious because it means that god hates alan keyes. Also on the news there is a new super aids that will bring you from the high five to full blown aids in like three weeks and is resistant to aids drugs. fuck i hope i didn't get super dream aids from the super hot unprotected dream sex i've been having.

then my nose started bleeding out of both sides at once. maybe it will start again at work and then everyone will know i've been blowing yayo up my nose for three straight days. i don’t remember actually doing that but why else would my nose start bleeding from both sides at once, seriously.

now my computer is fucked up at work and i can't read my gmail or write on my blog, so i'm writing this by hand with a pencil. pencils are the bane of my existance i don't even use them for math i hate them so much. the only thing they are good for is giving yourself chills by dragging the metal part along your neck in class. it's practically like masturbating in class if you do it right, awesome. But you can do that with a pen anyway, so fuck pencils.

guess who i had amazing bookstore sex with in my dream, someone who i don't know in real life whose blog i read. i can't decide if that is really sad or really hot.
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