Thursday, February 24, 2005

suck it bitch

that's what i say to february.

so today i was waiting for the train that never came because it exploded. i got to watch a bunch of firetrucks come and try to put out some crazy ass fire that would not go out and smelled like burning chemicals. i probably have cancer now. then i decided to leave work like 2 hours after i got there.

i just realized i'm paying tens of thousands of dollars a year to go to school so that i can learn a bunch of fucking letters that stand for shit. yes i am learning a whole new way to talk where i sound like a fucking robot, awesome. i bet if i could break shit down into different beeping sounds like r2d2 i could fucking rule the world. like shortening the words "item response theory" to IRT only saves 3 syllables, why not just make some weird fucking clicking noise or something. then you would have even more time to edit syntax or whatever and your whole fucking life would be perfect.

the best part is that i'm going to be in school for like 5 more years. i'm not even joking. all because i want to have some stupid letters after my name so people will think i'm smart. it's not even going to matter how big my salary is because it will all probably go towards the mountains of cocaine i'm going to need to make me feel like i'm alive. that's okay though because i'll have an office with a fucking big ass window in it.

the american dream fucking sucks. i feel like starting a fire.
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