Wednesday, February 16, 2005

money and blood don't mix

one time my grandpa gave me a car. then later he tried to extort money from me. i gave it back because i'm smart.

he was dating this bitch named judy with a glass eye so she looked retarded or something because her one eye was always off looking at nothing. because her pimp beat the shit out of her. that's why she had a glass eye. because she was a whore. and my grandpa was dating her.

she was also a junkie. it was pretty fucked up. i guess she was pretty expensive for him to keep. it was a sweet hookup for her though because not only did my grandpa have money for her ho ass he was also diabetic so there were always needles all around his apartment. it looked pretty dangerous over there like hepatitis city. i think i was the only one that ever met her. eric, if you're reading this did you ever meet that crazy bitch?

anyway, she died and then he died. even though she was like 40 years younger than him, when you are a junkie whore who tries to get old grandpas to extort money from their families you have such bad karma that you just die.

so now my uncle is left running my grandpa's business which, oops, owes the irs a gazillion dollars because guess what no taxes had been paid like ever.

so now my uncle is pretty much fucked.

money and blood don't mix like two dicks and no bitch you'll find yourself in serious shit.

all i ever needed to know in life i learned from biggie smalls, bitches!
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