Thursday, February 10, 2005

jesus is not an investment

asia believes in god now. she goes to aa. they make her.

i wish i could believe in god so he could help me do stuff. like maybe if i believed in god he would help me write my dissertation or something. but that would make me like a whore wouldn't it? like, okay jesus, what can you do for me?

every day minister coleman is on the green line soliciting money for the christian seminary outreach. minister coleman i doubt is a real minister, but maybe some sort of minister of the streets or something because he can barely even pronounce the word seminary. anyway, he says the same thing every time and every time the people at the window seats become fascinated with the scenery and the people at the aisle seats become fascinated with their cuticles.

apparently if you're bound by drugs or prostitution, christian seminary outreach will help you clean up your act. that's what minister coleman says and he's not only the president he's also a client.

christian seminary outreach will never ask for payment of any kind, but what they do ask is that you accept jesus christ as your personal lord and savior. (i think that was a direct quote, fuck, my brain memorized that shit without me asking it to. why does my brain hate me?)

that's okay though, because if you are smart enough to think that is fucked up you are probably smart enough to quit durgs by yourself, or at least realize that you should go to actual rehab and not fake jesus rehab.

I'm going to go pray for money now.

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