Tuesday, February 22, 2005

it's a family affair

ah, i can't wait to get trashtastic tonight. i love you effen vodka. and i also love you vox vodka. and if i'm really drunk maybe i'll even love the gordon's vodka that has been in the freezer for a year ever since i used it to make vodka sauce.

i'm going to pour the gordon's vodka in an empty effen bottle and make people drink it. ha ha, april fools bitches. i bet i can fool someone into thinking it's gormet or something.

i wish i had some more roommates because then we could all get drunk and try to levitate each other. i had a whole bunch of roommates once but did we ever do cool shit like that, no. we did totally retarded stuff like have interventions on each other where we were like what the fuck is wrong with us, why the fuck can't we stop sleeping with each other's boyfriends, and shit like that.

too bad i was never the one fucking everyone else's boyfriend because i was too busy eating acid and not going to class that year. and also smoking cigarette butts out of the ashtray. but then i always ended up in it anyway because we had to have these fake family meetings like we were the huxtables or something. and then when i said i hated that shit i got told i don't know how to communicate.

let me tell you living with a bunch of girls is just the awesomest shit ever.

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