Tuesday, February 08, 2005

i like you

scotty d thinks i hate everyone because i was like fuck dan and lisa and i was like fuck dave and that's when he was like woah, you hate everyone. and i'm like no, i liked your ex girlfriend sarah, and he said i will never date a girl that hot again. and i was like remember when dan's friend hit me in the face and i had two black eyes and my nose was all broken and i looked like a bruised malnouirshed rhinocerous and then they had me uninvited to that wedding?? i can hate them if i want!!! anyway dave always borrows stuff and never gives it back, it could be anything, like your handsome boy modeling school cd or your cool inside out pipe that you had forever or your african sulcatta tortise, and did i mention that you will never get it back. so what if i don't smoke weed anymore that doesn't mean i'm not selfish and just want to give all my shit away!! anyway he killed lowly, GOSH!

anyway, there are actually people that i like, like scott, because he screams "COLD TURKAAAY" and smacks innocent bystanders in the face with a rubber chicken, and jessica because she has good jokes, and xan because she will do anything for my amusement included getting spanked by a dominatrix.

so you see all you have to do is make me laugh and don't hit me.

if you're not one of those three people i probably still like you just not that much. if you're interested in improving your standing you can send me poppies or serenade me but it has to be with that song i love technology or whatever from napoleon dynamite. thanks.
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