Saturday, February 19, 2005

god loves ugly

this is what i look like beat by a man vs. not beat by a man.

a man with an enormous fist because my whole fucking face was swollen. like if you wonder what happened to my upper lip, it's been swallowed by my fucking swollen face, and my teeth hurt and my nose hurt and my fucking eyelashes hurt because they brushed against my crushed nose every time i blinked because it was swelled out so fucking bad and it was like chinese water torture.

when you have two black eyes you get to wear sunglasses inside.

but the thing that sucks is when you take your sunglasses off and people look at you and shake their heads because obviously you let your boyfriend beat the shit out of you and they are so sad and sorry that it makes you want to scream.

that picture does not reflect the blackness of my eyes because apparently when you get hit in the face it gets worse before it gets better. see, you learn something new every day.

i got jacked in the face by a friend of a friend. so you can see what awesome friends i have. not just casual friends either, like friends i used to live with. spectacular.

hopefully next time a get beaten by a man he can acutally knock me out, unlike how this guy couldn't, because after i got hit i turned around to ben all cool like and said "did he just hit me in the face???" and then blood started pouring out of my nose. that was the best part.

the whole thing was over money and had nothing to do with me. money.

dan didn't make me cry but it sucked being ugly for a week. then he showed up at my apartment in the rain and i let him in for some reason because it turns out i am a nice girl after all. i guess he was there because ethan slammed his head in the door and ben hit him in the face and he was never going to get the money he wanted and he was geeked out of his mind and he brought me a bottle of red wine which i never drank and i still have it.

when it's your fault that a girl gets battered, a girl that you used to live with and be best firends with, you should say sorry right then, and get her some paper towels for her nose.

this is what happens when you hang out with people that you know are totally bat shit insane.

there's really no point to this post except that that picture is hilarious and i look like sloth from the goonies in it.
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