Sunday, February 06, 2005

fucked up performance art

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Last night I was at a show, and in between acts this tall skinny white guy comes out and starts breakdancing in the middle of the floor. And he sucks. And he's got some kind of do rag on his head. And he's wearing leggings. And knee pads. I'm like "WHAT THE FUCK?" I guess he was like the Napoleon Dynamite of the Chicago hip hop scene, except instead of his dancing being hilariously awesome it was awsomely hilarious, by which I mean terrible.

I don't think I'm conveying exactly what was going on. Like, at one point he did a forward roll. And then he started doing forward rolls like crazy all around the floor. I think he also might have slid across the floor on his knees with full jazz hands. More than once.

Where the fuck is my digital camera, Christmas was a fucking month ago and I'm missing fabulous opportunities to capture fucked up performance art on film!!

My new goal is to learn the Napoleon Dynamite dance. Then I can teach it to Jessica and we can break it out in unison. I bet it will be way easier than my old goal which was to learn Spanish, and seriously, there is probably a better chance that I will need to burst into a spontaneous choreograhped dance than there is of me needing to speak Spanish.
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