Saturday, February 12, 2005

erin is a stupid name

the best part of my life is having an irish teacher on the first day of class and when they call role are all excited that i am irish too, except i'm not, my parents just named me erin because they are retards. i don't even like irish people, they're usually poor and red hair is ugly.

okay that was a lie, irish people are okay. i'm just not one of those dumb people that wants to be irish all bad and wears a green shamrock antennae things on saint patrics day and hangs up a stupid irish embroidery thing in my house that says some dumb shit like "may god turn your enemies legs so they walk with a limp" or some other thing that makes no sense and is stupid. irish food is also disgusting and potatos should die.

my mom's name is esther though, thank god she didn't name me that, even though maybe it will be the new cool name of the future or something since madonna thought it was kabbalatastic enough to name herself it. my bubbe's name was ida, but she was like nuh uh and changed it to Anne.

if i changed my name i could make it like a family tradition. i have to change it quick though, before i publish any research or else i'm stuck with stupid erin.

my middle name is gaia which is way cooler. and my last name sucks but i'm not going to write it down because i don' t want people to google me and come here. i'll just say it has a 'u' in it, which is the ugliest sounding letter ever, so ugly sometimes i say 'hanged' instead of hung even though i know it's wrong and ignorant.

would it be really weird if i just started going by a whole different name, like right now? i like carmen but i don't think i look like a carmen. maybe something totally weird, like lilu. how retarded would i be if i named myself after milla jovovich in the fifth element.

i like the letter e though.
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