Thursday, February 03, 2005

apathetic is the new irate

So it seems I did not watch the state of the union address or whatever last night.

Hm. I'm over it. I'm sure it super sucked, and the president probably mispronounced his own name or something.

My mom didn't watch it either. She's going to a Marid Gras party this weekend and sent me this crazy email with like 500 contact numbers for me to reach her, and at the end of the email it's like "oh crap, the president is on tv talking and I want to watch West Wing. I'd rather watch a cheap imiation of our president than watch our actual imitation president." Meanwhile in Elgin Mandy's mom was watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

I remember the last state of the union address when the retard didn't even know what the state of the union adress was. State of the nation, or speak to the nation, uh, me no talky good.

I even talked to my friend in Berkeley last night, and somehow the president never came up, which is really weird because I hate George Bush is all she said for 3 whole years and she was even a professional protestor, and ended up getting beat by the police so badly that she had to be hospitalized.Oh my god, I think the president killed our spirit! Fuuuck.

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