Friday, January 28, 2005

what would jesus do?

So the other day I noticed that I got all these hits from this fantastic blog and I'm like woah, since when does anti link to me? So I went over there and searched around and found out that if you click on this picture where he is laying on his bed looking stunned it will take you to me.

So this is not interesting. But what is interesting is that if you read the post you will find out that he was un cut until he was fourteen, and then his mom told him that girls might not want to touch his cock with it all looking like a beer battered jalapeno and then he had a hernia or something and now everything is kosher the end. That was the cliffs notes, the full story is much funnier.

Anyway, it reminded me of this guy I used to know that wasn't circumcised, but he was. Are you confused yet? Well, not as confused as he was, because the douche bag was circumcised and didn't know it. I guess he remembered his mom telling him that he hadn't been circumcised (if you need your mom to tell you that I guess you haven't noticed that your penis looks like it's coming out of one of those perverted bag full of water toys) but he really wanted to be like everyone else or something so he pushed his foreskin back every day until magically one day TA DAAA, suddenly his penis was circumcised.

Okay this is a person that barely believes in free will, but he believes that the power of positive thinking can magically disappear a foreskin??

Maybe what really happened was this kid's mom noticed that her retarded son was pushing back his foreskin all the time, and realized that she should probably just get the damn thing peeled off. Or else it got infected by him pushing it back all day long with his grubby little hands and fell off. And then I guess she hypnotized him so that he would never remember any of it.

penises are funny.
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