Tuesday, January 11, 2005

my gaydar is better than your's

I just found out that I have a better gaydar than like 95% of y'all. HA! Try to beat me here. But don't take the test more than three times or it will yell at you. (What? I was interested in it's psychometric properties!)

I have the best roommate. If you want to read something hilarious, go here. If her latest post doesn't mention Kinko's, leave a comment, something like "hey, crank yankers, tell us about your most recent hijinks."

And since I'm not a tease, here's something to tide you over while you're waiting to hear about the Kinko's extravaganza.

Fuuuuck, I have to go to a meeting now to learn about Oracle, which sounds intriguing, but I think it's just a new type of time sheet.
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