Monday, January 17, 2005

i'm going to talk about vaginas now

"I like cotton!"

"I love Always!"

Imagine a girl singing that in a super cheery sing song-y voice.

Is it making your head want to explode, because if not, I'mprobably not explaining it right.

This chick really fucking likes cotton, but do you know what she loves? Tampons.

She thinks cotton products are super swell! Shirts, sheets, she likes them ah-lot, but she loves Always tampons.

How the fuck do you love a tampon?

I mean, I use Tampax, so maybe I just don't understand the glory that is Always. Do they vibrate? Maybe I'll have to check it out. Except I won't, because that encourages the Always marketing team to continue airing asinine television commercials. bah!

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