Sunday, January 02, 2005

I hate poor people

I rung in the new year trying to explain to someone I don't like or respect that I don't really hate poor people.

Yeah, I said it, I guess I just think it's interesting to say.

No one else ever says it.

I love to say stupid shit.

I'm still fucking pissed that I was so drunk I couldn't even form coherent sentences and now this person thinks I'm an arrogant captialist. Even if maybe I really am.

I think from now on when I'm having a conversation with someone I don't care about and I decide that it's getting stupid I'm just going to point an imaginary remote control at them and start clicking it like "booo-ring, change the channel." and maybe I will say that out loud in a really annoying sing song voice. Or maybe I can just stare at them intently for a minute and say "I'm smarter than you" and walk away.

Everyone who didn't hate me would love me because they will be in the 7% of people I can stand, and they would be like "shit, I must be super smart and interesting."

It would be even better if I had a lot of money because then even the people that couldn't stand me would still want to hang around me because I would buy everyone drinks and I would have all the good drugs.

I knew a guy like that, everyone would sit around his apartment doing blow all night, and then at 6:00 in the morning when people started to leave he would be like "You fucking come here and do all my drugs AND NOW YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE???" And then they would have to stay.

He hated me because I never did any of his drugs. He would be like "do a rail" "do a rail" oh god, he was so fucking whiny and annoying. And then one time when I wouldn't he made a big letter e and I guess I was supposed to feel so honored and special, except I didn't, and he was furious.

Also when he became furious he would take his blow and sit in the closet blowing cocaine up his nose all by himself. In his closet.

So basically I will have all the power that this guy wanted to have except I won't be all tragic.

If I make this my new years resolution will it come true?
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