Wednesday, January 26, 2005

ask xani bar

Miss Mastermind says: What up Xani Bar. Do you remember Scotty K... lived on my block... best friends with Diego?

Miss Mastermind says: Anyway on Friday I dreamed I fucked Cory and on Saturday I dreamed I fucked Scott. Isn't that fucking hilarious? Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

Miss Mastermind says: I don't know why I thought you would want to know about that. Maybe because you fucked two brothers. Did they fuck the same? In my dream Scott was much better.

Xani Bar says: Well, no the brothers did not fuck at all the same. Even their penis sizes were different. The less attractive one was much better in bed. Yeh, those were the days.

Xani Bar says: I was reading this out loud to Fred and now...oops the past is out. Yup, my stupid fault.

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