Friday, December 10, 2004

tis the season

Am I supposed to be upset about the blatant commercialism of Christmas? Because I love it.

I really could not give a fuck about Jesus right now.

In Chicago, it's fucking cold. And it gets dark at like 3:00.

It makes me want to kill myself.

If everything wasn't shimmering with little white lights, Chicago in December would be as ugly as, um, Chicago in February.

If I didn't have a tree in my living room, I might not see anything green for 6 months. If I wasn't distracted by sparkly things, I might be laying on the floor crying and wondering when I will see the sun again.

Fuck you Persephone! Do you think you could have demonstated a little more restraint with that pomegranate??

Ladies. When in doubt, don't eat the fruit. You're ruining it for everyone.
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