Tuesday, December 28, 2004

through thick and thin, bitch!!!

Um, who are you? You are not Tony Kukoch.

Chicago Bulls: Through Thick and Thin

That's an interesting advertising ploy. Reminding people that they are fair weather fans who watched every bulls game since 1990 and put lucky charms on the tv and screamed at it and then in 1998 when Ron Harper was the only one left they turned off the tv and now if they watched a game they wouldn't even know what to scream because they don't know any of the players.

Why aren't Bulls fans more like Cubs fans, who will never fall off, no matter how consistently the cubs suck and no matter how drunk they have to be to enjoy the game. They will be cheering the Cubs as Wrigley Field crumbles down around them.

If the Bulls beat the Nets tonight, I'll watch the next game.
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