Tuesday, December 07, 2004

shake your money maker

Eighties fever is at an all time high. Last time I was at Target I saw some thing I haven't seen for years. Care bears. And cabbage patch kids. And my little ponies.

I read an article in Vogue about slouchy boots and realized every one is feeling a little nostalgic. Even Belle and Sebastian and Dangermouse miss Nickelodeon.

Can you really make an album with the word "ghetto" in the title if you grew up watching British cartoons on a premium cable network?

This 80s revival has been going on for a while and I'm going to cash in on it. I'm opening a roller skating rink. It will serve alcohol and be open until 4:00 am on the weekends. In other words, it will be a club, except instead of dancing, people will be rollerskating.

Can I get Boy George to spin there? Fantastic Plastic Machine?

Can I project Unico onto an entire wall?

Sure I can! And it will be fucking fabulous!

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