Sunday, December 19, 2004


I used to work at a gas station and it was the best job ever.

We sat on the counters and smoked and played air hockey and rummy and looked at porn and ate candy and fucked with the customers.

I wanted to keep a camera under the counter so that I could take pictures of the customers when they got pissed. Because I have never seen people so pissed as when they encounter me at a gas station.

Wheezing, vein bulging out of the head, screaming and spitting pissed.

It's like something about the flourescent lights and the smell of gasoline and the sight of me not wearing my designated uniform causes them to go completely crazy bat shit insane.

So anyway, if you work at a gas station and have a tendency for inspiring absolute hatred in people, and you can somehow take a picture of them at their most enraged without them jumping over the counter and smashing your camera against their foreheads, and you want to compile these photos into a book, I will totally buy your book.

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