Thursday, December 23, 2004

im half jewish and i can't even spell channuka

I just finished my christmas shopping. Actually I just started it, and then I finished it like 45 minutes later. Because I am a superstar.

Luckily I work downtown, so I can leave and do my Christmas shopping, and it's like I'm getting paid to do it. Then it's like a game to sneak back in without anybody noticing I'm trying to hide 10 shopping bags behind my scarf.

Personally, I think I give the best presents. But I was thinking about it, and really I wonder if I'm actually just give people presents that I would want for myself. Because those are only good presents for people who are just like me.

Like, last year I gave my brother the book "The Rules of Attraction" and also the dvd. I later found out that the movie sucked, but I still think it was a cool idea. Except I'm not sure if my brother even knows how to read.

So this year I got him a polo shirt. Because he likes to wear seventies style polo shirts, and I like to call him Eric Forman, so now he can have another polo shirt that I can make fun of. See, everyone wins.

I think my parents are going to get me a book about Gandhi. And my brother will get me "Coffee and Cigarettes."

I got an A in psychometrics this semester which means I am now a master statistician. Plus I can also read minds, so I am going to put that in a 95 percent confidence interval, or something.

I'm listening to madvillainy and although I've listened to it ten thousand times before, it sounds completey different in my cubicle for some reason. Interesting. If you don't have the cd, you should ask santa for it for christmas. It's not too late. Unless you're jewish. Then it is too late.


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