Thursday, November 11, 2004

women are the new men

Today on the eL two women were talking very loudly about a teacher who was busted for "having sex with" (aka raping) a nine year old boy. A female teacher. These women were TOTALLY DISGUSTED, as was I. I hadn't heard about that case. But I did hear about the case where a special ed teacher from the south side (way to represent!) paid three 15 year olds to have sex with her. And by "paid" I mean bought them alcohol. And you thought the situation couldn't have gotten any classier. And then there's that woman who just got out of jail and is marrying the 21 year old who impregnated her when he was 12. Yeah!

So it looks like men no longer have a monopoly on being sick fucks. Yes, after many years of discriminatory selection practices, the child molestors union has finally begun to operate in accordance with the EEOC. And it must be some affirmative action program they have in place, because women seem to be entering their ranks at a remarkable rate! I just googled "teacher has sex with student" and the first page of hits all regarded female teachers.

Then again, maybe that's because when a male teacher has sex with a female student, we usually call that rape. Or statutory rape, if the girl is vocal about being a willing participant.

Does anybody remember when that young teacher was arrested for statutorily raping a 14 year old student in the back of an SUV while the student's cousin was driving? That teacher was hot! You know that kid was the coolest kid in class!

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