Saturday, November 27, 2004

live life?????

Oh god, I just saw the Worst Commercial Ever. It has a bunch of short scenes. Like, first there is a little girl spinning around, next there is a woman dancing in a field, etc. I'm thinking, what the hell is this commercial for? I bet it's one of those cotton commercials. Oops, it's not for cotton, its for life. Yes, at the end of this commercial, it says "Live Life."

If you need a commercial to tell you that you should be living life, you should kill yourself.

If you are actually inspired by this particular commercial, you too should kill yourself.

Who made this commercial and why?

I also saw another syphilis public service announcement. This one was on the train. The guy on it looks just like Kobe Bryant. So much so that Kobe could probably sue for defamation of character or something.

So do white people get syphilis at all? Because all the people in these public service announcements are black. Why is it that commercials for orange juice and living life are featuring white people, but commercials for syphilis are featuring African Americans. Oh yeah, you can also see a lot of black people on commercials that tell you not to do drugs. Like the one where the 16 year old kid is so high he blows off his little brothers birthday party, and you can tell by the look on the little brother's face that he will never quite get over it. If I were black I might be kind of pissed of about this.

The new anti-drug commercials are hilarilous. I grew up watching commercials that told me that drugs will fry my brain like an egg, and that did not deter me from trying them. Yet they expect kids to be swayed by ugly people saying things like "Anime is my anti-drug."

In the '80s, billboards featuring drug paraphenalia caused hundreds of former addicts to relapse. I am not making this up. So you can see how much research must go into these campaigns.

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