Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Jesus would not concede to Barack Obama

I'm getting a little depressed that for the next four years our country will be run by a man with a tenuous grasp of our language who can't control his facial expressions. So for a little comic relief, let's talk about Alan Keyes.

So did He ever make his concessionary phone call to Barack Obama? Because if he did, I missed that part.

That is so super classy, refusing to congratulate your opponent. This really confirms what Keyes has been telling us all along: that he's god-like.

Now Keyes wants to stay in our state? That's awesome, because he's pretty much insuring that Illinois will go democratic in any election he's running in. I will wait for Betty Loren Maltese to get out of prison and nominate her for office before I will vote for Alan Keyes.

The republican party really shot itself in the foot when they pressured Jack Ryan to resign as the republican candidate. So he liked to frequent swingers clubs, at least he wasn't THE DEVIL INCARNATE.

That's all I have to say about it.
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