Wednesday, November 17, 2004

gee that test was terrific!

Today I was driving to work and I saw the funniest advertisement, or I guess it was a public service announcement, on a bus. It had a drawing of this black guy with this black woman standing in the distance. The man looked pretty hip. I think he had braids, and was wearing a yellow turtleneck. He might have been talking on a cell phone. Here's what he's saying: "Man, I'm so glad I got that syphillis test!"

I'm not really sure if I get it. Why is he so glad? Because he found out he has syphillis and now he can treat it? Or maybe he slept with that woman in the distance, and his friends told him she was a dirty ho. He's so glad he found out he's clean! Whew!

I heard the test for syphillis involves a swab up the penis hole.

This thing is supposed to make me want to get tested for syphillis?

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