Friday, October 29, 2004

Tell me Elizabeth, how exactly do you suck a fuck!

Donnie Darko is the best movie I've ever seen. I think one reason I love it so much is because I think the family in it is just like mine, except Donnie is smarter and more fucked up than my little brother, plus we don't have a little sister named Samantha who dances in a group called Sparkle Motion. I also love it that the wipe off board on their refrigerator says "Vote Dukakis" on it. I also love that Patrick Swayze plays an inspirational speaker.

At first when I saw this movie I thought I wanted to marry Jake Gyllenhaal. Then I realized that I could probably settle for Richard Kelly, the writer/director. Surprisingly, he's actually pretty good looking. I read an interview of him and I really liked how when he was asked what certain things in the movie meant he always answered with "I think..." That way he didn't ruin it for people who interpreted it differently. He also made this movie in only 28 days, and he was only paid $9000 dollars for it.

I don't think I'll ever see another movie I like as much.
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