Monday, October 25, 2004

Nicky Hilton is a tacky bitch

Alas, the blessed union of Nicky Hilton and Todd Meister is no more.

Hey, you really can't blame her for being a complete fuck up, look at what she's working with.

However, would it really hurt her to return the ring, which belonged to Meister's grandmother? I mean, yes, the ring is 10 carats. But if anyone can summon the funds for her own 10 carat bling without lifting a finger, it's Nicky Hilton. Although perhaps Mr. Meister should have had the forsight to not use a family heirloom as a prop for a fake wedding orchestrated by Paris and Bijou.

Um, there's these middle aged guys on TV right now that are totally pissed because they say the characters in Dazed and Confused are based off of them. I guess these guys went to high school with the guy who wrote the screenplay. They say that at the very least the names should have been changed. It's Matthew McCoghenay, The long haired guy, and the main character, Jason or Jeremy London. Too bad instead of being all pissed, these guys should realize that this is the coolest thing that's probably ever happened to them.

Also, there's a "reporter" on Inside Edition named Diane McInerny. I seriously hope this is not Jay McInerny's wife. He must be so embarrassed. And the guy from Sugar Ray is also on one of these shows. Not that Sugar Ray was ever cool, but Inside Edition is not a step up for anyone. Except maybe Tara Reid. What the fuck are these people thinking.
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