Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I'm confused

Here are some things that confused me today:

1) How come on Lake Shore Drive the people in the left lane drive so god damn slow? Has Lake Shore Drive become part of some Bizzaro Parallell Universe where the right lane has become the left lane and the left lane has become the right lane?

2) Why is the Madvillain CD that I borrowed from Ben different from my burned copy that I lost? It has most of the same songs, but not in the same order, and some of the words are different. It looks like my burned copy is the Bizzaro World remix. Too bad I liked that one better than the Real World version.

3) If regression twoards the mean occurs (which I'm told it does), than why the fuck do we assume that there is zero correlation between true scores and error scores? Psychometrics! You never fail to confound me!

If anyone can clear up any of these confusions for me, I'll give you a dollar. And if you can explain number three, I'll give you five dollars. And if you can tell me where I can get another copy of the Madvillain Bizzaro World Remix, I'll give you ten dollars.
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